• How do I receive the condolence card
    We will send the condolence card by email shortly after you have donated. Your donation receipt and condolence card will be sent in two separate emails.

    It is attached to the email as a PDF file.
  • I didn’t receive my condolence card - what do I do?
    If you don’t receive it might be because or you made a typo in the email. Also, please check your spam folder to see if it by mistake has ended up there.

    If you haven't received it within 15 minutes, email us at and we will have it sent to you again.
  • How do I print and fold the condolence card?
    You can print the file on any printer. The file fits an A4 paper. Once you have printed it, fold it in half length-wise with the cover image on the outside of the fold. Then fold it in half again to create the condolence card.
  • How do I create a tribute fund?
    Setting up a page is simple and straightforward. In just a few steps your tribute fund can be ready to share with family and friends.

    Simply click the button on the front page "Create Tribute Fund" and follow the instructions.

    Once you've created a page, you can sign in at any time to make changes. You can always close or delete your Tribute Fund.
  • Who can create a tribute fund?
    In theory, anyone can create a tribute fund. If you aren’t one of the closest relatives, we strongly encourage you to reach out to them before creating a tribute fund.
  • How do I edit the tribute fund?
    You can edit your tribute fund by going to your tribute fund while being logged in. Then click the edit button to the left in the menu bar.

    You can change the description and update the information about your loved one. You can use the description to write some words to celebrate the life of your loved one and share memories with friends and family. If you need inspiration, you might read through what is written for other Tribute Funds.

    We encourage you to add an image of your loved one. You can add two photos. There is a square photo that will appear in the upper left corner of the page, and secondly an additional image (or video) that will appear just below the description.
  • How do I make an update?
    Updates are short status updates. These will appear together with the donations for your tribute fund.

    Everyone who has made a donation to the tribute fund will be notified of new updates by email. Make an update whenever you feel like it or when you have something in your heart. The updates will be published online on the Tribute Fund.

    You need to be logged in to create an update. Once you have logged in you will see a small text field just above the activity stream. This is where you can make an update.
  • How do I close or delete my tribute fund?
    You can always close or delete your tribute fund. You can do this from the tribute fund whenever you are signed in. Click the “More options” button. Choose “Close tribute fund” or “Delete tribute fund”.

    A closed tribute fund can’t receive new donations and we won’t email you about it when it is closed, but it still exists and can only be found through the direct link.

    When first you have deleted your tribute fund, it is gone for good, and neither you nor the donors can access it, so consider carefully if the right option isn't to close the tribute fund instead.
  • I have received cash donations, what do I do with these?
    We encourage you to pay these into your Tribute Fund with your own credit card. Simply pay in the donation by making a donation yourself.