Fundraising Ideas

If you need some help getting started, we have some ideas and guidance you may find useful. Whatever you will end up raising, the donations will make a huge difference.

What to write in an obituary

If you are running an obituary in a newspaper, then this is a good opportunity to mention your Tribute Fund. You could write that “It is the wish of .... that a donation is to be made to Mind.” or “Instead of flowers for the funeral, we hope you will make a donation to Mind”.

After you have created a tribute fund, you will receive a ‘short link’ for your tribute fund. This is URL is just 8 characters long and will fit into most obituaries.

Sharing it with friends and family

We believe that personal messages are the best way to share a tribute fund. You can either email the link to your tribute fund page or share the link in personal facebook or text messages.

You can also share the page on social media such as Facebook. It is a good idea to add a few words about the person you have created the page in memory of and why you have created it for Mind.

Revisit the tribute fund at special occasions and anniversaries

The tribute fund will stay open as long as you want. Family and friends will be able to remember your loved one by making gifts for special occasions. Many choose to give on a birthday or anniversary of a loved one, and thus it makes sense to revisit and update the tribute funds around these dates.